Welcome to BSA Troop 246

Saint Gabriel's Church, Colorado Springs, CO

Troop 246 is Recycling Christmas Trees again this year!

Let us save you time and sanity by picking up your gently used Christmas Tree!!!Β 

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What is Troop 246?

Troop 246 is one of many Boy Scouts of America's thousands of troops and we have a goal as a troop: to grow young boys from the age of 11-18 into strong and capable people through the patrol method. Boy Scouts has many skills that we teach ranging from knots to personal management and personal fitness. We teach scouts leadership skills and how to work as a team through various activities like camping, games, and classes. Boy Scouts also holds one of the highest honors for young men to gain for their future, the Eagle Scout. The Eagle Scout rank can make sure that job hirers know that a young man is capable to take on challenges and work as a team in the workplace. Troop 246 also holds a long-standing line of Eagle scouts and more on the way.

Why Troop 246?

We have many capable young men ready to help your son on his way to Eagle Scout. We meet frequently every Tuesday at Saint Gabriel's Church. We do frequent campouts at least once a month to ensure that the scouts get the time in the outdoors they need and that the patrol method is enhanced.Β  We also teach merit badges and do rank requirements as much as we can so that the scouts have plenty of time to work on their own skills for the future and for their adventure to the rank of Eagle Scout. We also make sure that every scout feels included and that no one is left out of an activity.Β