posted Sep 7, 2010, 6:16 PM by Webmaster Troop246   [ updated Oct 24, 2015, 10:18 PM ]
Questions about popcorn sales?  CLICK HERE

It is hard to believe but we are about to start another season of Boy Scout Popcorn.
Let me start out by emphasizing that if your Scout has never sold popcorn before or just never did that well at it, then this is the year for you!
Between Trails End and the Scout District, there have been some great changes this year!  This email may be a bit lengthy but there is a lot of information to give out.
Also PLEASE have your scout attend this coming weekls meeting September 7th, at the usual 7:00 P.M.  We will be reviewing all of what is below and possibly some that did not make it into this email.
I will sum up as briefly as I can what is happening.  And what changes there are.
One of the biggest changes is the metal tins that a lot of the popcorn has come in in the past.  These tins have now gone by the wayside.  Too many were just being destroyed and there was a bit of cost involved in the making of these tins.  The pre-popped popcorn will now come in re-sealable plastic bags.  I will have one for display at the meeting.  With that in mind, you will find that the amount of product that the consumer now receives has increased!  Customers love getting more for their hard earned money.  The one I am most excited about is the caramel corn, it has increased 37% in product but is still $10.00!!! 

You will notice that the only price that has changed is the microwave popcorn.  The price has gone up a couple of dollars because there are now 18 packs in a box instead of 15.  There was a demand for more per box and $20.00 seemed to be a better price point and easier to balance check books with!  The Trails mix has also gone away.  Just not enough demand for that one.  So other than the microwave popcorn, there have been no increases in pricing but more product.  GREAT SELLING POINT FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS TO HEAR!!

Instead of the "Fill it up" Patch that you received in the past for filling up a page worth of sales, they have now switched it to the $600.00 Club.  On the average when a page was filled up with orders, it was approximately $600.00 plus or minus.  This year, when you sell $600.00 worth of popcorn (no matter how many sheets it takes to get there), you will receive a marshmallow crossbow (very cool), you will receive a $600.00 club patch, and your name will be entered into a bi-weekly random drawing from all the Scouts in the district for a prize.  You can only enter once so once you hit that $600.00 mark you are enterered.  What you need to do is to bring me a copy of the sheets showing that you did indeed reach that mark and then I take it down to the Scout store, pick up your crossbow, enter your name for the drawing and the next meeting you will receive your crossbow.  How cool is that!!
Please remember that YOU must make the copy and give it to me.  I do not have the ability to make copies for you.
The majority of prizes will be gift cards only.  Levels 2-3 still contain prizes but from level 4 and up the only prize available is a gift card to either Walmart or Amazon.com 
The counsel mailed out the popcorn guides on the 3rd (Tuesday).  You should have received it before our meeting on the 10th but if for some reason you did not then please ask for one while you are there.  I will have several available.
Now here are some important dates for you or your parents to mark down onto your calendars right now.
SEPTEMBER 10 - Selling starts.  No early selling...please
OCTOBER 12 REGULAR TROOP MEETING - Last day to turn in your forms to me is on Tuesday October 12.  For those procrastinators that inevitably give you that last minute order a little late, I will accept orders until the 13th by 10:00 P.M.  NO ORDERS WILL BE ACCEPTED BY ME PAST 10:00 P.M. ON OCTOBER 13th. you can email the order direct to me at coloradians@msn.com 
At the same time as you turn in the order to me, you must tell me what prize and or gift certificate you would like.  That is very important to make sure you get what it is that you want.
OCTOBER 30 - Popcorn will be picked up by the Scouts.  Usually this happens in the church parking lot.  Time of pick up will be determined at a later date.
NOVEMBER 16th - ALL MONIES MUST BE TURNED IN AT THAT MEETING!  If you have completed your selling and collecting of money, you are welcome to turn them in to me at any given meeting.  November 16th is just the VERY LAST DAY  that you can turn it in.  For the sake of my sanity, I would recommend that you turn everything in to me as soon as it is complete.  Don't wait until the 16th if you don't have to.
DECEMBER (TO BE ANNOUNCED) $1,500 club party.  Party place also to be announced at a later date.
More information and any questions you may have will be addressed at the September 7th meeting.  Parents are more than welcome to attend.  Start planning your list of friends and relatives now!  
This is your year to shine!  This is your year to sell more than you ever have!  This is your year load up that Scout $ account so your parents don't have to write as many checks for camping, gear, etc. :)   This truly is one of the funnest money raising events that Scouts have. (Trees and wreaths just are not as fun, he he he).  Many many people wait for this time of year so they can get their hands on some of that Scout Popcorn.  Don't let them down.
Good luck to you all!!!